Anna Sichelska

About me

Anna Sichelska

About me

My name is Anna Sichelska and I am a Polish designer from Krakow, working and living in Munich, Germany.
Design has always been a big part of me. I recall some of my earliest memories, creating fashion accessories for my dolls out of paper, material or anything I could find. I was fascinated with form, fashion, design and the connection ofvisual graphics to make something cool.
All grown up, I decided to study fashion design, then a brief stint in architecture, then finally I found my true passion in Graphic design. I was accepted into the Visual communication and Industrial design degree at the Fine Arts Academy Krakow. This was where my love of form and shape thrived, feeding my hunger to create. After completing my masters at University, in the search of work and a new environment, I decided to move to the new creative hub of mainland Europe – Berlin. In this the beginning of my career, I found great freedom and inspiration in the melting pot of ideas and untamed atmosphere that was Berlin, and its raw influence was instrumental in defining who I was as a person and as a designer. A few years later I find myself settled in Munich. Working harder than ever, both in a prominent Graphic Design agency, and on my own brand “AS Identity”. I consider AS Identity to be a multidisciplinary studio based on geometric deconstruction and graphic shapes.


About Anna


Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Product Designer, Art Director // Born in Cracov live in Germany, always hungry for more 🙂

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I am always looking for new challenges and interesting parterns.
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